Megawatt’s Guiding Principal

“Commitment to Excellence”

Megawatt Electric was founded in August 2004 and provides the critical leadership and managerial skills required to compete in today’s competitive marketplace. After more than twenty-five years of working together for other companies our management team has now joined together to form a strong cohesive team.  We become a compliment to an owner by offering quality service, matched with innovation, and diversified resources, becoming a partner in the process.

Adherence to this principal has brought our company from inception to a major electrical contracting firm in Alaska.  Employee enthusiasm, motivation and the old fashion virtue “The Customer is King” attitude has brought a history of ever increasing accomplishments, business success and financial strength.

Our team members blend the skills, professional expertise and knowledge gained through years of experience in the electrical contracting and engineering fields.  This experience encompasses a full spectrum of electrical and engineering work – from the Seward Prison, Schools, Maintenance Facilities, Barracks, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Fuel Facilities, Medical Clinics, Parking Garages, Animal Shelters, Ferry Terminals, Retail Facilities to Industrial Facilities.

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Management concepts have been developed through the experience gained in the highly competitive construction arena.  All staff, supervisory functions and departments have the same basic task assignments – to support the construction activities at the project site.  This is accomplished through utilizing the most effective techniques for procurement, expediting, engineering and labor relations with special emphasis placed on pre-planning, scheduling and timely performance.

We offer full electrical industrial and commercial contracting services supported by computerized job cost tracking, purchasing and accounting that keeps us responsive to our client’s needs.  We recognize that the construction industry world is forever changing and that today’s clients are more complex and sophisticated; requiring more than just good contracting to become a reality.  We complement an owner by offering quality service, matched with innovation and diversified services, becoming a partner in the process.

Our goal is to provide quality service by utilizing conscientious, professional managers and craft people.  This commitment has made us a dynamic growth oriented company that continues to meet our client’s needs and requirements.  We must perform safely, provide quality performance, make a profit and share our successes and profits with our employees to be successful.