Category: Industrial

Alaska Railroad Freight Shed Remodel (Anchorage, Alaska): 2009

Owner:  Alaska Railroad General Contractor:  Watterson Construction, Inc. Square Footage:  41,171 Completion: August 2009 This project consists of a complete remodel of the existing 41,171 square foot railroad Historic Freight Shed into a modern state of the art space for future Offices, Retail Store, Restaurant, Entertainment and Tourism areas.

Goodnews Bay Salmon Processing Plant and Maintenance Building (Platinum, Alaska): 2009

Owner:  Coastal Village Regional Fund General Contractor:  Unit Company General Contractors Square Footage:  20,200 Completion: July 2009  This project consists of two buildings comprising a 15,000 square foot Processing Plant complete with wiring of all automatic control systems and a 5,200 square foot maintenance building with complete wiring of power, lights, fire alarm, telephone/data cabling, […]