2005 : Fresenius Medical Clinic: Cook Inlet Dialysis (Anchorage, Alaska)

Owner: Renal Care Group
General Contractor:  Neeser Construction, Inc.
 Square Footage: 20,000
Completion: May 2005
This is a new 1-story Medical Dialysis Clinic consisting of 20,000 square foot furred out block building. The project broke ground in September 2004 and completely enclosed and heated by February 2005.  It was completed and turned over to the owner on May 30, 2005.  This was a fast track project constructed throughout the cold winter months.  The building consists of a 250kw full building Standby backup generation system installed so none of the crucial dialysis equipment would fail in the event of a loss of power.  It has direct/indirect and task lighting in the dialysis area with fire alarm, nurse call, security/access, tel/data and TV Systems installed.